For the next weeks everything seemed to be normal. Denise finally came back to school, it turned out she had the flu. David and Mikeal continue their friendship like nothing had ever happened.  Ja’Nael still had the feeling that David was still in love with Mikeal, but she only said something when it was just her and David.

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"Well, nice of you to join us Mr. Harrison." Ms. Williams said from the stage as Mikeal joined the class in the theatre. "You’re actually the point of this next challenge."

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“I am not gonna let Kendall ruin this for me.” David said to himself looking in the mirror.

“Ruin what?” Denise walked in the room.

“I might as well tell you, if anybody should know it should be you.” David sighed.

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*Author’s Notes*

This chapter is short because it leads up to a greater chapter. One of the best chapters I’ve written other than Chapter 16. 

Never Been Kissed Pt.2


Mikey- D. Craig

Hey David- Mikey

Are you busy?- D. Craig

No, just fooling around with this Facebook stuff, wassup- Mikey

I was thinking about what you said- D. Craig

Said about what?- Mikey

About your first kiss- D. Craig

Lol, what about it?-Mikey

I wanna be your first kiss- D. Craig

Wait, what?- Mikey 

I wanna be your first kiss- D. Craig

You’re not gay- Mikey

I still wanna be with you- D. Craig

Are you serious?- Mikey

Yes, I am. It can be just between us.- D. Craig

I don’t know David- Mikey

What’s wrong?- D. Craig

I mean, it’d be great if we could be together but I don’t wanna hide it from everybody- Mikey

I understand but I really wanna be with you, but I’m just not ready for people to know it just yet-  D. Craig

Ok- Mikey

Ok?- D. Craig

Ok- Mikey

You wanna do me a favor?- D. Craig

You mean another favor, lol. Wassup?- Mikey

Send me a picture of you, but make sure you’re smiling- D. Craig

Why smiling?- Mikey

Because your smile makes me smile- D. Craig

FAIL!!!- Mikey


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Never Been Kissed

“He was amazing; everybody just sat there and watched. I recorded it on my phone. Look!!” Ja’Nael squealed to the others after school. They were all at Zaxby’s sitting at a table discussing Mikeal’s performance. Mikeal just sat quietly.

“Is this really necessary?” Mikeal asked. He was grateful for the applause and all the compliments, but that song was something that was special for him. “What’s wrong, Mike?” Kendall sat across from and he looked concerned. “We’re just surprised, we don’t know you could sing like that.” Mikeal smiled “I mean, thank you but it’s enough you don’t have to keep talking about it. It’s kind of embarrassing.” Mikeal watched as Denise, David, and Rasheal looked at Ja’Nael phone. He heard his voice and for the first time, he actually heard himself sing. It was odd because Mikeal had always sung, but he never heard himself.

“Wow.” David was the first react to the video after it finished. “Wow.”

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" Vann Harrison

Out Here On My Own

“So is he gonna become your boyfriend or something.” David asked as they walked to their second class of the day.

Mikeal looked as he fixed his bag. “No, I don’t even if he’s gay or not.” said Mikeal.

“I’m asking because the girls are already planning the first date.” David said.

Mikeal looked at David. “ Look, I’m not dating him or anyone else; and speaking of dates speaking of dates when the last time you went on one?” Mikeal questioned.

David could’ve punched Mikeal but instead he just replied “I’m not in a rush to date anybody, they cause too many distractions, and I can get easily distracted.”

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“So how was your first day?” Angela said as they walked into the house.

Mikeal dropped his messenger bag in his room and walked back to kitchen.

“Mama, it was…” Mikeal said trying to find a word to describe his first day at Franklin High School. “Well, let’s just say I’ll stay there.”

“See, I told you that you’d like it.” Angela said proudly of her old school. “Did you meet anybody?”

“Well, a few new people, but I really hung out with Denise and her cousin David.” Mikeal said. “You know how I am around new people, and I uh, told everybody that I was gay.” 

“What made you do that?” Angela asked.

“I didn’t want people coming up to me and asking me or people wondering if I’m gay or not.” Mikeal said confidently. “I’ve the past few years hiding who I was and I don’t want to do that anymore.”

“OK, baby I understand.” Angela hugged her son and nodded. “So what else happened today?”

“Oh.” Mikeal ran into his room reached into his bag and pulled out the Drama Club application. “I joined the Drama Club, and the teacher really seems to like me. All you have to do is fill out this application and give me $50 and I’m officially a member.”

“Are you sure you wanna join the Drama Club?” Angela asked.

“Ma, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” Mikeal said.

“OK, I’ll leave the money in your room, when I get back from the bank.” said Angela.

Mikeal ran and kissed his mother. Angela and Mikeal had become super close over the past year after his brother was killed in accident. That was something Mikeal was going to always remember, he loved Jean so much. It seemed so awkward for him not be here bugging him and trying to have all the attention. Mikeal walked into his room, he looked at the mirror. In the top corner was a picture of him, Jean and Angela on Christmas. It was one of the last pictures that him and Jean took together.

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So you thought that David was me- Denise

How many times do I have to say I did- Mikey

Smh, that’s sad. Why would I put myself under D. Craig- Denise

Shut up, it’s your fault anyway- Mikey

How is it my fault- Denise

You’re the genius that put him under D. Craig and not David- Mikey

Ugh, don’t get mad at me- Denise

Anyway where are you- Mikey

Waiting on you- Denise

Ok, I see you- Mikey

“I seriously can’t believe that I told everybody I was gay on the first day of school.” Mikeal said embarrassed.

“I think it was genius of you.” smiled Denise.

“Why?” Mikeal asked.

“Ok, look at it like this.” Denise said as they walked up to the line. “If you didn’t, you would’ve had people coming up and asking you were you gay, and now no one has to ask because they’ll already know.”

“Ok, that’s one class, not the whole school.” said Mikeal.

“Don’t be so sure of that, this is high school Mikeal, not middle school. Gossip spreads like a wild fire in Cali.” Denise said as she picked up her tray.

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